Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Making progress........slowly

Well, despite having a horrendous two weeks at work, I've managed to make some progress on my Heroes project! Maybe tonight I will get some more done! Bailey keeps trying to be a lap dog while I'm stitching. That 55 pound "lap dog" doesn't understand why she can't come be in my lap while I'm stitching! She also wants to steal my floss........bobbin and all!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben tried to change his class schedule today and is still trying to get the Humanities class he wants and that fits best in his schedule. He's working for a new swim team now and should have a better schedule and more reliable paycheck. Hopefully, he will be done with college in about 2.5 yrs.

Ben loves to pick Bailey up and I think she likes being picked up and cuddled like a baby. Talk about being spoiled! This dog is going to miss this boy when he moves out on his own! Is this love or what!

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