Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!!!

Well, the best laid plans............never seem to happen!

I had plans to try to stitch over the days off I had and wouldn't you know it, I got sick and couldn't even think to stitch! Stupid virus going around makes your head feel like it is going to explode everytime you cough. You cough and bring nasty stuff up. You feel hot, then cold, then hot again! Thank God for antibiotics, Robitussin DM and sleep!

Not much else going on around our house right now. We took Bailey to Doggie Daycare today for her "temperment test" and she passed with flying colors. She doesn't have an aggressive bone in her......she is more likely to be the one shying away from someone or something than going for it. We hated to crate her for more than a few hours on the one day of the week when Dad has to work longer hours so this might be a good solution. She can romp and play with her doggy friends and be safe while we work then go to obedience class in the evening.

Tonight is catch up on stuff not attended to while sick and then maybe I'll get to stitch a little.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!! DH IS EMPLOYED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!1

Today officially brought the good news we expected. My DH got a job! He's been retired since Jan 2008 and it has been nice to have him around the house more. Our plans were for him to try to find a job in 2009 that would be part time and allow him and I to reach some financial goals we want to reach faster. With the economy in such bad straights, I was wondering if he would not find a part time job. Fortunately he found one right up his field of experience and I think it will work out for him. For now, he will just work on three days a week and that will be fine.

The stitching frog visited my house this past weekend! I had to rip out much of what I had completed before on one area of my hero's project. I had to rip out the sillouhette of the one soldier because I was off by 1/2 stitch! GRRR!!!!!!!! Oh well, got a lot of the helmet of the other soldier done and hope to get more done in the coming days. Slow progress but I'm motivated now to get this one done!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Taxes, FAFSA and some fun

What a day!!!!!!! We started off the day with a nice drive to Mistletoe State Park and took Bailey for a walk in the country. The drought is still very apparent when you see how low the water level in the lake is at the park! We enjoyed seeing Bailey learn all the different smells and about the water in the lake. She was curious but still very skittish. She was not too sure about rocks in the water and the mud squishing between her paws.

Then home to work on the taxes and Ben's FAFSA for next year. I think I have the taxes just about ready for the CPA we are going to use this year. With DH retiring and getting a bonus to do so, selling our old house and buying a new one, my full time and part time jobs, too many changes for this girl to do the taxes by myself. Now, the real kicker is the FAFSA! It looks like our son might be penalized for his father's retirement in that the family contribution to his education went up by $30K due to the bonus being counted as income. The jury is still out but I won't be terribly surprised by how much the government says we have to pay! If I can get all this done and ready today, I might be able to sew or stitch some tomorrow! YIPEE!!!! That is my goal for this weekend.

This past week was a trying one at work with a difficult situation but hopefully it is now resolved and we can move on. I am still looking forward to possibly retiring in 2011 from my full time position. After meeting with my retirement fund, it doesn't look like it would be to my advantage to stay longer than the 30 years. Time will tell but for now, I think I will continue to count the days down until I see that 30 year mark get closer to becoming a reality.

This past month has been a challenge for DH and I with his diabetes. His blood sugars would fluctuate a lot from before a meal to after a meal and the doctor added new medications to his regimen. DH feels like a porcupine being stuck in his fingers 5 to 6 times a day and then having to take insulin shots that often as well but hopefully we are getting it under control. Every week I fax the logsheet to the doctor and he calls me with any changes to the schedule.

We continue to pray for Will Word. He's the son of a member of our Sunday School. Will was badly wounded in a rocket attack on his humvee in Afghanistan on Christmas Eve. If you would like to follow Will's progress, here is his blog. Janet (his Mom) has been keeping us posted this way on Will's progress and any specific prayer needs.

Well........dinner is ready and I would like to relax a bit before bedtime. More later.