Monday, June 8, 2009

Annie & Carly have been adopted!

Both Annie and Carly have been adopted! We are glad they went to stable homes. Annie was adopted this past Saturday to a family where the dad is an officer in the military and they have a 2 yr old son. Now we just have our Bailey and she is staying with us. Maybe someday in the future we might get another golden but we are going to wait to see on this one.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Making a little progress in my stitching.

I actually got to stitch a little this week. Here is my progress on my Hero's project:

I've been busy planting and now it is starting to bloom!

Here are some of the photos of my garden. It is still a work in progress. The first one is of the flowers by the front door.

This one is of the tree circle I've been working on. I have to widen it just a bit to get the last set of bricks in, but it turned out nicely, I think. The next images are of the flowers I put in our backyard. Some bulbs from last year managed to avoid being dug up by Bailey. I put in some impatiens and added some other flowers along the way. Not everything has flourished but I enjoy trying out new plants and seeing what I end up with in my garden.

Carly's been adopted!

Last Sunday, Carly was adopted by another swim family! She has a nice new home and they have changed her name to Marly. We are still hoping to find a new family for Annie. Both Annie and Carly are sweet puppies but they are not the right personality mix with our Bailey. Annie and Carly would get into horrific fights with each other. Annie still snaps at Bailey's face but not as badly as she used to do. Carly would not let Bailey eat and was possessive of toys and food. Since Carly has become adopted, Bailey and Annie are doing much better but we still think Annie needs a different home. If she doesn't find a new home soon, we will continue to work with her and may end up keeping her.