Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've been working in the garden!

I have been working in the garden and I am just about done until the fall now. I can't take the heat in the Summer so just like to have it done and then enjoy the flowers and plants during the hot season. I've been planting lots of flowers and trying different kinds. I'm so enjoying seeing the different blooms come up and have really enjoyed Miracle Gro food's wonderful effects on my plants. Here are some photos: The one on the left is in the front near the dining room and computer room windows. The one in the middle is the back yard under the guest bedroom window. The one on the right is the flowers outside our eating area in the kitchen and what we see every morning.

Here is in the soldier we found at a local restaurant and just could not pass up. He's in the infantry and a flag holder at the same time. (Proud Army wife here) I also put out some patriotic flowers in the planters near our garage door. The last one is of the giant lamb's ear plant. I have split this one this year and it came back prettier than ever!

Now the fun part begins.......keeping them all from burning up in the hot GA sun during the heat of the summer!