Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ever just want to SCREAM ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a week from "you know where"! Last Thursday, my DH was carjacked at gunpoint on his way home from work. Fortunately we got the car back quickly and DH was not hurt. The people that did this, tossed everything from the car in less than 30 mins..........everything! DH's insulin, medications, owner's manual on the car, maintenance papers and coupons on the car, owner's papers on the car, even the dog crate and pad out of the back of the car! Thanks to ONSTAR, we got the car back in about 30 mins from when they stole it from him. The car thieves were caught too! You would think that was enough but then we get the bad news that the auto policy won't cover it and you have to file it on your home owner's policy (which has the higher deductible of course!). The DA tells us the Victim's Compensation Fund probably won't pay a dime out and we would have to take the thieve's families to civil court for damages!

On top of that, because of the budget crisis, GA tuition went up on Ben's current semester by an additional $377. He's still waiting for his original financial aid to come in so we had to help him out on that end as well. Then add in the cost of books!!!!

Now add on top of that the car seems to be losing gas awful fast and we think we have a hole in the gas fuel gauge had gone bad. The car does need a front end alignment but it also needs new tires and that will have to wait until the tuition bill is paid back.

Add to that a root canal that did not work on Thursday last week decided to act up on Friday afternoon and put me in bed with Percocet every few hours all weekend! Then Monday morning you drag your groggy behind to the dentist and guess get to have oral surgery and the offending tooth removed. Oh Joy! Now I feel like I've had a boxing match with Godzilla and I LOST!!!!!

Monday, DH goes to court for the carjacking and let's just say, it is amazing how much denial some folks can be in when the thief was caught red handed! Monday afternooon, we find out that the doctors really think DH has to go on an insulin pump. Health insurance tells us when we asked about it, that they rarely approve them but the doctor says he gets them approved all the time for patients like DH. Pump therapy is extremely expensive.......cost of pump can be over $6000 and the monthly tab can run $300 to keep it going.

Now if all that wasn't enough, earlier our bank notified us that someone was trying to use my debit card number to purchase gas in CALIFORNIA!!!!! I'm in GEORGIA!!!!! The bank calls me on my cell and says, we need to destroy that card and issue you a new one. OK, inconvenient but glad they were watching. Now..........we are finding our auto draft bills are being declined yet there is money in our bank account.

Oh.........don't forget work has been interesting too............we moved the entire lab I work in to another area and we are packed in there like sardines! I'm waiting to see what OSHA says when they come inspect. I'll be very surprised if OSHA doesn't have some issues with the cramped working conditions.

This is enough to drive a girl to drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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