Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas decorations going up

Got a little of the Christmas spirit this week and got some of the decorations out in the house.  I usually have a lot more up but just have not had the energy to do it this year.

Ornament Trees 2011

With the passing away of my mother-in-law and the subsequent travels, I decided not to drag out the traditional Christmas tree this year and opted just to use the ornament trees and do them a little differently than last year.  

Christmas dishes

I saw these dishes in Walmart and thought they would make a very pretty Christmas table.  Now, mind you, I have Christmas dishes at home but this is my weakness!  I like setting a pretty table and Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year and I love to have all that Christmas decor out making the house look so pretty.  I searched high and low for red goblets that would not cost a lot and finally hit the jackpot when I happened to find these in Macy's on sale.  They were a little bit more than I wanted to pay but when I got them home, I realized I actually got a good bargain as they are Irish Crystal and not just pretty red glass.  


It said it downloaded all of the photos but is only showing one so I'm still learning......Hopefully, here are the other photos.....

This is our entry way table and the camera and lighting gave it a soft warm glow.  I really like this look.  Below is a close up view. I tried to move it up but it won't move.....grrr.....

Above is the breakfast nook table where I usually put all the dishes to be served for the meal since our dining room table is small and really just has room for the place settings.  
Livingroom Mantel

close up of entry table

Entry way with door to laundry room having the scarecrow on it.
These last two are of Fall decorations I put at the base of the fireplace.  Sometimes I put the birdhouses on the mantel but when I put the glass candlesticks up this year, I liked a cleaner mantel area.

I really don't have a very good home interior decorating gene in me but I try to copy things I see on the web and do a little here and there.  Now furniture and window decor, I absolutely have NO CLUE what goes together and looks great.  I know what I enjoy seeing but making it happen is like learning a whole new language......very hard for me to do!


I've been experimenting with tables capes and have drawn a lot of great inspiration from another blog...... I don't have a large dining room or dining room table but for the first time in years, we have a house that has a breakfast eating area and a small formal dining room. I like the idea of eating at the dining room table. We use the breakfast nook for just that, breakfast and an occasional project or working on budget papers, etc. I have always liked decorating for the seasons so I've been playing around a bit. Here are a few photos of things I've tried. I've never tried to upload a lot of photos at one time so please be patient as I learn.