Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Snow day!

Yesterday we had snow flurries here and that is always special. Here it only snows every few years and then it usually isn't enough to stick to the ground. Yesterday was typical in that it would just barely be snowing and then our hopes would rise as it started to get heavier and begin to stick....but, then it would stop. Oh well.........

We did get a couple of photos of our puppy experiencing her first snow. Bailey would snap at the falling snow trying to eat it before it fell to the ground. She's only 8 months old and not too sure about this white stuff falling from the sky.

I managed to stitch a little this past weekend on my projects. The Heroes project is one that is special as this is for a petty officer in the Navy that was killed in Iraq. My family has volunteered with the Navy Sea Cadets for awhile (about 5 years or more depending upon which one of us you are looking at as we have all volunteered at one point). This petty officer was a reservist at the reserve center where we drilled each month. The second piece is a piece I wanted to do because my DH and I enjoy ballroom dancing and if we were younger, much younger, we might have looked a little like this design once upon a time. You can't see much as I started on the moon and water first but as it comes to life, you will see it "develop".

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