Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Recipes tried and stitching finally!

It was a good weekend for me........though I had to work at my part time job both Saturday and Sunday evening, I still managed to get to finish laundry (back to the laundramat due to our washer being dead) and I cooked and did a little cleaning, but most of all, I got to finally stitch for several hours.

I made 2 batches of scones........first one wasn't all that good....too doughy but the second one was good. Then we had a good dinner of chicken breasts in Garlic Parmesan Cheese Sauce over egg noodles, baby carrots in brown sugar and pineapple tidbits and peaches.

I managed to stitch some on my memorial to a fallen hero. I joined a stitching group some years ago that is stitching memorials to fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen from both Iraq and Afghanistan and through two moves, going to Australia and getting a second job, this project was getting moved around so much I could not find it. In the move from the old house to the new one, I lost my sewing room for awhile so that we have a guest bedroom. I finally dug through all my stuff and found it! I really want to finish this piece and get some others done as well. I'm finally feeling like stitching again and that is a welcome feeling. For quite some time now, I've just not been in the mood and I've missed it.

I'm still arguing with my sewing machine and it will be traded in if I can't get the tension to work properly. I have not been impressed so far with the Singer machines. I had a Kenmore and it worked well for years and then started having problems that just could not be fixed so I gave it away when I bought a new Singer machine. Now, I'm so sure the Singers are worth it. I have lots of fabric and projects I want to get to but right now, I've got to work out this tension problem or it won't happen.

More later. God bless.

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