Thursday, January 15, 2009

First day of dog obedience was freezing outside but Bailey was so good! She did very well and excelled at her commands. The instructors were right, you can really tell when a dog has been through puppy kindergarten first and then goes into obedience classes. We did SIT and COME (on the leash) well. We learned MOVE and something called a TURN ABOUT (basically the human does a U turn and doesn't tell the dog so they just have to be clueless until you step in their face!). Bailey had to be just about dragged across the bridge though. She was supposed to take the lead and go across a wooden bridge with me on her side but she is so timid, she wouldn't budge. The instructors said to give her time and she'll come around.

We are trying to size a car crate for Bailey. It's hard to guess what size she will end up being since she is a small golden so far. Our car is an SUV but it is designed a little different than a minivan so some crates won't fit. We will have to measure and see what will work and what won't. Our crate at home is too big for the car.

Tomorrow it is supposed to drop to around 9 degress F outside so I'm glad we were in the low 30's tonight and had lots of layers on. Would hate to be out there tomorrow night.

God bless,

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