Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Kitchen area

I decided to enjoy my Valentine's Day table for the entire month of February this year.  I am a rookie at tablescaping but decided to give it a try.  Last year, I picked up a Valentine's Day tablecloth on sale after the holiday so it was time to put it to work this year.  We have been wanting to change our daily dishes as the el-cheapo ones we bought several years ago as "this will do til we find what we want" have been in service for much longer than intended.  I have a table in my kitchen breakfast nook area and a table in our dining room.  Neither one are large tables so I am limited in space but sometimes that is a good thing.

So here are my efforts at creating a Valentine's Day atmosphere in the house.

The kitchen breakfast nook area:

This is the place setting.  White plates with a red salad plate and bowl from a local grocery store that had a red base and white hearts on them.  Red placemat was from TJMAXX.

The view from the living room looking into the kitchen breakfast nook and the kitchen.  Banner on Pantry door is from Joann's.  Towel hanging on freezer door handle is also from Joann's.

 Last year I picked up these two red beaded hearts and thought they might look o.k. hanging where I normally have black sconces on the wall.

I just could not pass up the little red and white sign that says "LOVE" from Hobby Lobby.  Red is one of my favorite colors so this was perfect!

Good morning sunshine!  We enjoy eating a leisurely breakfast at this table and watching for birds at the feeder right outside this window in the garden.  My orchids seem to love this window as well.

At first, I was not sure about this decorative plate with all that pink but I think it fits well and looks nice.

Walmart had these little heart candle voltives and they were simple and not too over the top for my desired effect.

 Here is a close up of the banner I purchased a couple of years ago from Joann's after the holiday was gone and they were on sale.


  1. Your table and decorations look great and you will be able to add to them over the years too.

  2. Oh Fiona! I might run out of room! I have discovered I don't really have a good system for storage. I guess that will change once we have a china cabinet so the shelves in the sewing room won't have to hold my china dishes as well a decorations. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Sorry I am so late in responding. I did not see your posts until now.