Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I love Spring!

I have worked a little in the garden in between working the two jobs and things are beginning to look like Spring! I think Spring is my favorite season. The earth warming, flowers begin to bloom, bulbs begin to pop their heads up from their slumber, a renewal of life. I am glad I am not bothered by the pollen much. My poor DH is and suffers so. We had enough snow this year to bring my peonies back and a new one joined the blooming bunch! I love peonies and they are so very hard to grow here. Below are some of the photos of my flower garden.

And for my friends who have asked how big the giant lamb's ear get......I put a yard stick across mine (3 of them) to show you and they are not even full yet for this year!

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful and your photographs really show them of.