Monday, February 14, 2011

Big Toe and Polish Sausage

Well..........I just had to do it..........accidentally bent my big toenail back halfway on my toe dancing a few weeks ago. Funny thing is, I did not feel a thing and did not realize it until I got done dancing and found a bloody toe in my dance shoe. Doctored it awhile at home and saw the podiatrist today. He did his fancy work and numbed the toe and then set to working on reshaping the nail so it would grow normally and not be likely to do this again. Good pain so far!!!! YEAHHHHHH. Bad dancing tonight or for a few nights. Sure hope it doesn't get stepped on after I am back until it is fully healed. I miss my dancing class and lessons!


  1. Gah! This is why I don't go dancing...

    Hope it gets better soon.

  2. Oh but dancing is SO MUCH FUN!
    Love you dearly son............Mom

  3. Hope your toe heals quickly and that you get to dance again soon.

  4. Thanks Fiona. It is healing and I'm looking forward to dancing again.....maybe as soon as next week.