Wednesday, February 11, 2009

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!! DH IS EMPLOYED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!1

Today officially brought the good news we expected. My DH got a job! He's been retired since Jan 2008 and it has been nice to have him around the house more. Our plans were for him to try to find a job in 2009 that would be part time and allow him and I to reach some financial goals we want to reach faster. With the economy in such bad straights, I was wondering if he would not find a part time job. Fortunately he found one right up his field of experience and I think it will work out for him. For now, he will just work on three days a week and that will be fine.

The stitching frog visited my house this past weekend! I had to rip out much of what I had completed before on one area of my hero's project. I had to rip out the sillouhette of the one soldier because I was off by 1/2 stitch! GRRR!!!!!!!! Oh well, got a lot of the helmet of the other soldier done and hope to get more done in the coming days. Slow progress but I'm motivated now to get this one done!

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  1. Great stitching even with the frog visit! Congrats to Elliot and I hope he enjoys his new job!