Friday, March 6, 2009


Oh what a whirlwind week! I started off still trying to get over bronchitis and coughing up a storm! Had to get back in to work before I was really over the stuff because we had 6 blood gas instruments going live on a networked setup and interfaced with a central system and our LIS. This was a challenging project but I'm happy to say we seem to have run into only a few problems and everything seems to be working well today! I'm so glad to see this as it will make my job so much easier!

Then two of our three tax refunds arrived this week so today I went and purchased our new washer and dryer. I'll be so glad not to have to truck all of our laundry to a laundramat and pay between $2.00 and $6.00 a load just to wash the clothes! My new machines arrive just before St. Patrick's Day!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!

Our DirecTV messed up this week and being so customer focused, DirecTV won't be out to our house until the 16th of this month to repair the problem! I am so fed up with them that I'm switching back to Comcast the minute our contract is up with DirecTV! I cannot tell you how unhappy we have been with DirecTV! It has NOT been a good experience! My only weekend off from two jobs and I can't watch any tv and enjoy some stitch time while watching tv. That is enough to make me absolutely furious!

Next week is our Bailey's graduation from JaeMarS obedience class. Bailey has done very well and has really grown from the experience. She minds well (except when she can't decide if she really wants to come in when you open the door). She knows her commands like Sit, Stay, Wait, Down, Follow, Easy, Jump, Tire(jump through a tire), Other Side and more. She now is so excited to use the agility equipment! Remember when she had to be kind of inched across the wooden bridge because she was so scared? Well......we are not scared of that any more! She is still very skittish but she is coming around on that too. She has been going to doggy daycare one day a week and that is helping her to learn about other noises and she has such fun, she is always pooped when she comes home from doggy daycare. She got her photos taken at JaeMarS this past week and we think our baby came out too cute!

That is about all my news for now. Until next time..........God Bless.

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